Former Duran Duran drummer, Chastity Ashley, is the perfect embodiment of the Doyenne Mantra (A woman who is the most respected or prominent person in a particular field). Ashley’s act (NEON PONY) is different than anything else out there.”

The Burnin-In

I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Chastity, [her] boundless energy added an exciting and vibrant element to our shows and her expert percussion playing helped keep our audiences on their feet night after night. It’s so great to see her coming into her own as an artist and sharing her music with the world. We’re looking forward to hearing what she has in store!”

John Taylor, DURAN DURAN

Chastity Ashley radiates warmth and positivity in person, so it’s no surprise that her music is bound together within an ethos of letting go of your inhibitions and connecting with those that bring out the best in you.”

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The Career Musician Episode 116: NEON PONY/Chastity Ashley Interview

Passion Pod S8 E10 Chastity Ashley "Neon Pony" (Percussionist, DJ)